Feature Definitions and Glossary
Navigating the Windows Updates Control Grid
The Windows Update Control Gird allows administrators to view computers that have pending Windows Updates and Approve or Deny individual patches that haven’t already been approved/denied in the policy.
Windows Updates View

View Computers with Pending Updates

Filters can be applied to show computers that have Windows Updates pending. This can be done from the Windows Updates section in the Deploy console. Select the drop-down menu button to filter computers that have Pending Updates, are Highly Vulnerable, or have failed scans.
Filter Computers by Pending Only
The Total Pending Updates column shows how many updates are pending per computer; hovering the mouse over the number displays if those updates have been marked for install or are pending approval in the policy.
Total Pending Updates per Computer

Checking Missing Patches Approval Status

The number of any updates are pending for a Windows Update Category are shown in the Windows Update Category column.‌ Select the number to see which updates are pending; any pending updates can be approved or denied from here.
1. Select the number under the Windows Update category to see which updates are pending
Select the Number of a Windows Update Category - Critical Update in This Example
2. Select a Patch Name from the list, then select the action menu button.
3. Select View Computer List for this Update from the drop-down menu.
4. Approve or deny updates that haven’t been approved/denied in the policy.

Checking Patch Installation Statuses

The Pending Windows Updates grid shows a list of all the patches found with details on their release date and approval status. The search option can be used to search for an update using a KB number or update name.
1. Scroll down to the Pending Windows Updates Grid.
2. Enter the name of the application/KB number/update name to search for (Adobe in this example).
3. Select the name of the Patch from the list to view a list of computers the patch is installed on or pending on.
4. Optional: Approve or Deny that individual patch.
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