Create a Ticket

Help Desk Tickets help organize your IT Support for your users. Deploy enables you to create tickets directly via the console, and it also enables users to create a ticket via the Windows notification bar.

The ticket status can be changed throughout the lifecycle of the ticket via the Ticket Actions Menu -> Change Status (see Change Status of a Ticket).

A ticket can also be edited via Ticket Actions Menu -> Edit Ticket (see Edit a Ticket).

Creating a Ticket in the Deploy Console

When creating a Ticket via the Deploy console, you must add a description. You can optionally select a computer that the ticket refers to, select an owner, assign the ticket, attach a file and enter an email address to notify a user when the ticket has been resolved.

To Create a Ticket via Deploy:

1. Select the Tickets View tab on the top menu bar.

2. Click the New Ticket button at the top of the page.

4. (optional) Click EDIT to Assign an Owner for the ticket.

5. (optional) Click EDIT to Assign the Ticket to a User.

6. Add a Description for the ticket detailing the issue.

7. (optional) Attach a file to the ticket (this could be a screenshot, for example) by clicking the UPLOAD button and then navigating to the file.

8. (optional) Add an email address of the user to be notified about this ticket in the Notify User box.

9. Click SAVE.

Creating a Ticket via the Windows Notification Bar

  1. Click the Faronics Deploy icon in the Windows Notification Bar.

  2. Enter a description of the problem that you are experiencing in the box provided.

  3. Enter your email address.

  4. Click Submit.

Creating a Ticket via Email

Users working in an organization or Site can submit tickets to Faronics Deploy via email. The email for creating the ticket should be added to the Site and configured to receive tickets and reply back with notifications or answers as needed. Emails cannot be duplicated, and each Site must have its own email.

To create a ticket via email, the Pro Map Ticketing Emails feature must be enabled in Organization settings (please contact Sales for further information).

1. Open your email client.

2. Create a new email.

3. Set the To Address to match the ticketing email address configured in Map Ticketing Emails in Organization settings (see Ticketing - Mapping Email IDs for further information).

4. Enter a subject for your ticket in the email subject field.

5. Enter a description of the problem you are reporting in the email body.

6. Click the send button.

A ticket will now be created in Deploy.

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