Cache Server: Save Bandwidth

Designate one or multiple computers to act as a Cache Server.
Faronics Deploy retrieves application installers (except for Custom Apps) from the vendor websites and Windows Updates from the Windows Update website by default. To optimize bandwidth utilization, Deploy allows you to designate one or multiple computers to act as a "Cache Server." All application installers and Windows Updates will be stored on the computers that are marked as cache servers so computers can retrieve the updates on the local network.
The minimum space requirement on the computers that are designated as cache servers is 50GB on the system drive.
To designate a computer as a Cache Server:
Select DESKTOP3 to set as a cache server
1. Select the Control Grid tab on the top menu bar.
2. Navigate to the Applications tab.
3. Select a computer in the Computer Name grid; the ACTION TOOLBAR will now appear.
4. Scroll down and check the box Set as Cache Server.
5. Click YES on the confirmation prompt.
will now appear next to the computer name in the Application Grid to indicate that it is a Cache Server.
DESKTOP 3 is now a cache server
A computer has successfully been configured to be a cache server.