Schedule a Recurring Task

Only a Restart or Custom Scripts can be scheduled as a recurring task. This example demonstrates how to do this using the Applications tab, but note that this scheduling functionality is available in the Windows Updates, OS Deployment, Anti-Virus, and Inventory tabs too.

1. Select the Control Grid tab on the top menu bar.

2. Navigate to the Applications tab.

3. Select a Computer (to run a Task on) or a Script to Run. In this example a computer is selected to schedule a recurring restart task. The Action toolbar will now open on the right of the screen.

4. Click the RESTART button.

5. Click the OPTIONS button.

6. Enter a Schedule Name for the scheduled task.

Presets: Selecting the PRESETS drop-down menu displays a list of previously configured settings, select one to use with your current task or Save the settings that you have configured by entering a name in the Save Settings box and clicking the + button next to it.

7. Select a Start Time and Start Date.

If a task cannot be initiated for up to 15 minutes after the scheduled task time, it will be marked as failed.

8. Select the Recurring option.

9. Select the task frequency, Daily or Weekly.

If Weekly is selected, specify which days the task needs to be repeated on by checking/unchecking the boxes.

10. Optional: Add any conditions.

There are 4 types of conditions 1. If computer part of a domain

2. If computer is a cache server

3. Inventory field: Manufacturer/Computer Model/Computer Name

  • Contains/Does Not Contain

  • Action: Exclude from Execution / Include in Execution

4. On every reboot - This is only available when scheduling Custom Scripts

An Example Scenario could be to exclude all Dell computers from the Reboot based on the Computer's Model:

11. Optional: Add an advanced option - for this task the advanced options available are reboot, shutdown, and allow the user to defer the restart. Check the appropriate box.

12. Click the SCHEDULE button.

The recurring restart computer task has been scheduled successfully.

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