Apply a Configuration to a Group of Computers

Once the Configuration is saved, it can be pushed immediately to the computers or scheduled. To do this, select the target computers while in the Applications Control Grid and select Apply Configuration to apply the desired configuration set.

1. Select the Control Grid tab on the top menu bar.

2. Navigate to the Applications tab.

3. Scroll to the All - Windows grid.

4. Select the Grid Options drop-down menu.

5. Enable the View Search and Filter option.

6. Filter and Search the Computers by Group (Vancouver Office in this example).

This is just an example; the computers can be grouped by any criteria.

7. Click the Computer Name column header.

8. Select the APPLY CONFIGURATIONS drop-down menu.

9. Select the Configuration from the list to be applied to the selected group of computers (Seattle Office in this example).

If you haven't already created a Configuration; see Create a Configuration for further information.

10. A confirmation dialog will now appear; either click APPLY to confirm

11. OR click OPTIONS if you want to schedule the Configuration for a specified time.

The Configuration will be applied to the Group either immediately, or at the scheduled time and date.

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