Post Imaging Actions

These are tasks (added to the Deployment Package) performed after a computer is Imaged.

Post Imaging Actions are tasks that can be added to the Deployment Package that will run once the computer imaging is complete.

An example scenario could be that you have a Windows Image that you use specifically for the Graphics Team; once installed, you know that you want to install a specific set of applications on any computer where the Image is installed.

This is where Post Imaging Tasks come in; an App Preset is configured with applications and scripts that need to be run post-Windows Install. See Create an App Preset for further information on App Presets.

Create a New Deployment Package That Contains a Post Imaging Task

This example will guide you through creating a Deployment Package, then adding a Post Imaging Task.

You do not have to create a new Deployment package. If one exists that you wish to make changes to, you can edit it when you get to step 6.

1. Select the Control Grid tab on the top menu bar.

2. Navigate to the OS Deployment tab.

3. Expand the Imaging Servers Grid View.

4. Scroll down to the Deployment Package Grid.

5. Click the edit icon.

6. Enter a Package Name.

You can also edit existing Deployment Packages by selecting one from the Available Deployment Packages on the left-hand side of the screen.

7. Select an Image from the Choose Imaging Server drop-down list.

8. Select an Image from the Choose Image drop-down list.

9. Select Install Settings from the Choose Install Settings drop-down list.

10. Optional: Enter a Product Key (or leave it blank to use a dummy product key).

11. Choose a Driver Group from the drop-down list.

12. Optional: Scroll to Advanced Settings and Select a Pre-Imaging Task if needed (this could be scripts that you want to run before imaging).

13. Scroll to Post-Imaging Tasks, select the Install App Preset drop-down list, then click Manage App Presets.

14. Click ADD NEW+ (you could also select an existing App Preset).

15. Enter a name for the Preset.

16. Select the applications and any scripts that you want to include in the App Preset.

17. Click SAVE.

18. Select the App Preset (Graphics Team in the example) from the drop-down list.

19. Click SAVE.

20. The new Deployment Package now appears in the list

The new Deployment Package with a Post Imaging Task has now been created. Anytime that this Deployment Package is used to image a computer, the post imaging task will also be run.

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