Add Administrators - Invite your Team and Assign Roles

User Management

The User Management feature allows you to add other users to manage the same or different Faronics Deploy sites. There is no limit on the total number of users that can be added.

Users can be added in two different ways:

  1. Email Invite

  2. Active Directory

See Add a User via Email and Add a User/Group via Active Directory for further information.

Users can also be verified using SAML; see Setting up SAML for further information.

User Roles

There are five different types of User Roles available:

Super Administrator

  • Has full privileges across the whole application and can also manage other Super Administrators.

  • Has access to all sites within the organization.

  • Has the ability to add other Super Administrators, Administrators, or Remote Administrators.


  • Can manage all or specific sites as allocated by Super Administrators.

  • Cannot add, edit or delete Super Administrators.

  • Can optionally manage or add other Administrators or Remote Administrators.

Limited Administrator

  • Can only access specified sites.

  • Can only access specified Computer Groups and features.

Remote Support

  • Can manage all or specific sites as allocated by the Super Administrators.

  • Can only Remote Control computers.

  • Cannot add, edit or delete other users.

Report Reviewer

  • A Report Viewer will have Read-Only access to the Dashboard and Analytics of specific Sites assigned.

By default, the user signing up for the first time will be allocated Super Administrator privilege. See User Roles for further information.

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