Install a Custom App (External) on macOS

What is a Custom App, and when would I need to install one?

A Custom App is an application that is not included in the Faronics Deploy library of 80+ applications.

Custom Applications that are not part of the default Deploy application library can be added to the Applications grid. Once a Custom App is added, Deploy displays the version number of the application if it is installed on any computers. You can then install and uninstall the application from the grid.

To update a Custom App, you will need to provide the latest version, unlike the built-in applications in the library whose updates are provided by Faronics Deploy.

Not all external applications are compatible out of the box; however, Faronics has Deployment Specialists to assist by writing a custom wrapper for the external application, which will enable it to work. See Request Assistance From a Deployment Specialist for further information.

To create a Custom App and install it for the first time, see Create and Install a Custom App.

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