Application Usage Report


This report aims to show the list of all applications executed by different users across different computers based on the time duration.

Users will be able to see the Application Usage either by Computers or Users by using the flip switch available on top of the secondary grid.

The Primary Grid includes the following information:

  • Application Name

  • File Name

  • Total Usage

  • Number of Computers

  • Number of Users

  • Number of Logins

The Secondary Grid is a nested grid based on either Computer or User. The columns in the secondary grid would include:

  • Name (of Computer and User)

  • Total Usage

  • Number of Logins

  • Last Used

Selected by Computer - Displays the name of the Computer, followed by the different Users who have used that Computer to run that particular executable (as selected in Primary grid).

Selected by User - displays the name of the User, followed by the different Computers where the user has run that particular executable (as selected in the Primary grid).

Below is an example Report for the Usage of Faronics Anti-Virus for February 3, 2021 - March 3, 2021.





Application Usage

A grid that displays the applications and their usage for a specified date range.


Date Range

Select a date range to display the Application Usage; options are Today, Last Week, Last Month, Last Quarter, or custom date range.


Export Report

Export a report of the Application Usage in CSV format.



Search the Application Usage Grid to locate Applications/File Name/Total Usage/Number of Computers/Number of Users/Number of Logins.


View Search and Filter

View Search and Filter allows you to filter any field in the grid using one of the parameters (Contains, Does not contain, Starts with, Ends with, Equals, Does not equal, Reset) together with your search criteria.



Selected Application that populates the Usage Grid.


Usage Grid

A grid that displays the total usage time, number of logins, and last used stats for the selected application.


By Computer

List the Usage of the selected application by Computer name.


By User

List the Usage of the selected application by User name.

Generate an Application Usage Report

The following example describes how to generate an Application Usage Report for the Microsoft Edge Application, viewed by Computer:

1. Select the Analytics Grid tab on the top menu bar.

2. Navigate to the Applications tab and select Application Usage from the drop-down menu.

3. Specify the date range filter for the Report, Today, Last Week, Last Month, Last Quarter, or Custom.

4. Locate the Application Usage Grid and select an Application from the Application Name column.

5. The USAGE report will now appear in the secondary grid USAGE: Microsoft Edge in this example.

6. The report is now displayed; click EXPORT REPORT and select CSV to download it as a CSV file. This example shows Microsoft Edge, and its Usage appears on the right-hand side of the report.

The Application Usage Report has successfully been downloaded. Check your downloads folder for a file named Application Usage Report.csv (if you download more than one version of this report, the file name will increment, e.g., Application Usage Report (1).csv ).

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