Policy Update Mode

Policy Update Modes are the same for both Windows and macOS computers.

Update modes can be used to quickly set all applications to update automatically, update manually using the grid, schedule updates, or version freeze all applications. Additional customization can be done to change update modes for individual applications.

Update Mode



Ensures that all applications in the Deploy library will always stay up to date if they are installed on the computers. Customize this to change the way a particular application updates.

Windows Updates will install based on the scheduled time set in the General Settings of the policy (daily, weekly, or monthly).


Applications will only update if manually triggered from the Applications grid in the Deploy console.


All application updates occur only during the scheduled period. The schedule can be set in the General Settings of the Policy. Tasks can be scheduled once a week, once a day, or once a month.

Version Freeze

Freezes all application updates by default. To version freeze specific applications, select Manual, Scheduled, or Semi-Automatic mode and check the version freeze option beside the applications that need to be version frozen.

All Windows Updates will be disabled.


Any combination of one or more Semi-Automatic, Manual, Scheduled, and Version Freeze update modes make it a custom mode.

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