Configure User Profile and Organization Settings

Description of Configurable User Profile and Organization Settings.

User Profile Settings

The User Profile has three groups of settings that can be configured. These are Overview, Accessibility, and Options.

See How to Configure your User Profile for a guide.

1. Overview

This includes user name, organization, phone number, region, time zone, and email address.

2. Accessibility

Dark Mode: Enable or Disable dark mode.

Enhance Contrast with Textures: Faronics Deploy uses color-coded bars to the left of each computer name in the dashboard to display statuses on whether computers are up-to-date, online, offline, outdated, or running a task. Enabling this option will use textures instead of solid colors to display statuses.

3. Options

Enable Pagination: Enable Pagination for all the pages under the Control Grid.

Organization Settings

The Organization Settings has three groups of settings that can be configured. These are Overview, License Details, and Organization-Wide Settings.

See How to Configure your Organization Settings for a guide.

1. Overview

The Company Name and Timezone are configurable here.

2. License Details

Information for the Deploy and Anti Virus licenses are displayed here. You can also add and extend your licenses here too.

3. Organization-Wide Settings

Enable 2-Factor Authentication

2-Factor Authentication helps prevent unauthorized access and keeps users protected. After entering the password, users will need to enter a 6-digit code received via email to access the Deploy console.

Enabling 2-Factor Authentication will enable it for all users.

Hide Anti-Virus

Faronics Deploy has an Anti-Virus add-on that can be enabled or disabled. If you are not using Faronics Anti-Virus, the section can be hidden in the console.

Enable Ticketing

Users can submit tickets from the Windows Notification Bar with a customizable popup. This can be enabled in the User Profile.

The form to submit a ticket can be customized.

Administrators can choose to receive alerts when a ticket has been submitted. To enable this, check the box 'Receive Ticketing Alerts on Email' within the User Profile.

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