Enable and Install Winget

Before installing applications using Winget, you will need to ensure that the Winget tool has been installed on the computer that you wish to install the Winget applications.

You will need to ensure that Enable support for Microsoft Windows Package Manager (winget) is checked in the Organization Settings.

1. Select the Control Grid tab on the top menu bar.

2. Navigate to the Applications tab.

4. Select Add Winget Apps.

5. You will now see the Winget splash screen; click NEXT.

6. At this point, if you haven't already created windows credentials, you will be prompted to add them now. Enter a name, username, password, and domain (optional), then click SAVE.

7. Select an application to add.

8. Optional: Click on Advanced to display further options to configure.

9. Optional: You can select either the latest (default) or any other version listed in the drop-down list presented; the same can be done for the Command-Line syntax and version settings.

10. Click the SAVE TO GRID button.

11. Next, you will need to install the Winget tool on the managed computer(s). Select the Winget Apps box in the grid for the computer you wish to install it.

12. Select the Winget Status for the computer you wish to install it on.

13. Click the INSTALL WINGET button above the grid.

14. You will need to add credentials for the computer/domain you are installing Winget.

15. Click the INSTALL WINGET button, and the installation will begin.

Winget has now been successfully installed on the selected computer(s).

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