Windows Install Guide

Download and Install the Faronics Deploy Agent on Windows

There are four options for downloading the Faronics Deploy Agent to a Windows computer. They are as follows:

Download Type


Download the installer to install on any computer.

Use this option to install it on a single computer.

Obtain a URL for installing on other computer(s)

The URL is provided to you to copy to clipboard and share with your team.

Download the Deployment Utility.

The Deployment Utility enables you to install Faronics Deploy to computers on your network.

Use this option if you have Active Directory in your organization and want to install the Faronics Deploy Agent on multiple computers via your Active Directory.

This example will use the Download the Installer option.

1. Login into the Faronics Deploy console

2. Click on the Download Agent option on the top navigation.

3. Make sure the selection is set to For Windows.

4. Optional: Select the Policy (See Create a Policy for further information on Policies).

5. Optional: Select a Group to add the computer to once installed. If unselected, the computer will be automatically placed in the Default group.

6. Optional: Select an App Preset ( See Create an App Preset for further information on App Presets).

If an App Preset is selected here, there is a built-in delay. The apps/scripts will start installing/running 15 minutes after the Agent is installed.

7. Select an installer option; the available Install Options are:

  • Download the installer to install on any computer.

  • Obtain a URL for installing on another computer.

  • Download the Deployment Utility.

  • Download MSI installer to deploy via Active Directory.

8. Click on the DOWNLOAD FOR WINDOWS button to download the agent installer.

9. Once downloaded, run or push the installer on the workstations to install the Faronics Deploy Agent.

Faronics Deploy Agent has now been successfully installed on your Windows computer.

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