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Maintenance Mode

Computers can go into maintenance mode to install Windows Updates based on a scheduled time or once a day after the computer comes online.

Scheduled Mode

The scheduled mode allows you to choose a day and time when Windows Updates get installed. Faronics Deploy will install all approved updates during this time and reboot if required.
Scheduled Mode - 1:00AM Everyday

Once a Day

The Once a Day mode is an auto-maintenance mode where computers can install Windows Updates. This is used when there is no available window to schedule updates.
Selecting the Once a Day mode will bring up an option to start the maintenance mode after a certain number of minutes after the computers boot up.
Once a Day Maintenance Mode
Users can be notified that the computer will go into maintenance mode and be given the option to snooze/defer the maintenance between 1 and 12 hours.
During the maintenance mode, the Windows Updates will install. If a reboot is required, Deploy will reboot the computer.
The users can also choose to defer these reboots (if required) up to 5 times.