Patch Scan (Using a Policy)

Faronics Deploy runs a patch scan on computers after the Deploy Agent is installed on them. After the initial scan, the Patch Scan Frequency is set to a default of once every 24 hours. (Patch Scans can also be run on-demand, see Patch Scan (On-Demand) for further info).

Setting the Patch Scan Frequency

The patch scan frequency can be changed while creating or editing the Policy that the computers are using.

1. Navigate to the Policies tab in the Control Grid.

2. Select the CREATE NEW POLICY drop-down list.


4. Enter a Policy Name.

5. Scroll down to Patch Scan Frequency and use the drop-down menu to change from ‘Once every 24 hours’ to ‘Once every 12 hours’ or ‘Once every 6 hours’.

6. Click SAVE.

Note that the Patch Scan Frequency can also be edited in an existing Policy as shown below:

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