Computer Usage Report


The purpose of this report is to show the list of computers and the different users logging into that Computer, along with the Total Usage, Average Duration, Number of Logins, Unique Users, and their Login and Logout Timings.

You can see the Computer usage either by Computers or Users by using the flip switch available on top of the secondary grid.

The Primary Grid includes the following information:

  • Computer Name

  • Total Usage

  • Average Duration

  • Number of Logins

  • Unique Users

The Secondary Grid is a nested grid based on either Computer or User. The columns in the secondary grid include:

  • Name (of Computer and User)

  • Total Usage

  • Login Time

  • Logout Time

If selected by Computer, it shows the name of the Computer, followed by the different Users who have used that Computer based on their total usage and followed by their login and logout timings.

Generate a Computer Usage Report

1. Select the Analytics Grid tab on the top menu bar.

2. Navigate to the Usage Reports tab.

3. Specify the time period filter for the Report, Today, Last Week, Last Month, Last Quarter, or Custom.

4. Locate the Computer Usage Grid.

5. Select a Computer from the Computer Name column.

6. The USAGE report will now appear in the secondary grid USAGE: DESKTOP2 in this example.

7. The report is now displayed; click EXPORT REPORT and select CSV to download it as a CSV file.

The Computer Usage Report has successfully been downloaded. Check your downloads folder for a file named Computer Usage Report.csv (if you download more than one version of this report, the file name will increment, e.g., Computer Usage Report (1).csv ).

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