Remote Pro

Remote Pro enables you to remotely access a computer that has the remote pro policy enabled via a browser on your computer or even from an Android device.

During a Remote Pro session, the session will time out after 60 minutes regardless of whether the session is idle or active.


Remote Pro is an add-on feature, please contact Faronics customer service to add this feature to your plan. Once the feature is added, you can add additional licenses via the License Details configuration under Organization Settings (see Add Licenses for Remote Pro in your Organization Settings).

1. Add Licenses for Remote Pro in your Organization Settings

Follow the steps below to add a license (if not already present) to the organization settings:

  1. Select Organization Settings from the drop-down menu.

  2. Locate the License Details panel.

  3. Scroll to the Remote Pro License and click the Add License.

Remotely Access a Computer Using Remote Pro

  1. Navigate to the Control Grid.

  2. Select the Applications Tab.

  3. Select the computer to access using Remote Pro.

  4. Click the REMOTE drop-down menu.

  5. Select the Remote Pro option from the list.

  6. You will now be connected to the selected computer.

  7. From here you can perform several options via the ACTIONS menu:

Available options are Enable/Disable Mouse Tracking, File Explorer, Run, Send Alt+Tab, Send Ctrl + Alt + Delete, and Show Desktop (Windows).

You have now successfully remotely accessed a computer using the Remote Pro feature.

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