Inject Drivers into the boot.wim File


The default boot.wim file used to boot the computer into WinPE during the imaging process contains built-in drivers. However, there may be instances where the boot.wim file does not contain network or storage drivers for specific computer models. If you encounter problems and see a failure during the imaging process at the Contacting Imaging Server (Installation) Stage or Preparing Disk (Installation) stage. In this scenario, you will need to inject the WinPE drivers for your computer model into the boot.wim file. This could be done manually using the DISM commands. However, the Deploy Imaging Server (DIS) allows you to quickly inject these WinPE drivers into your boot.wim file.

How to Inject Drivers into the boot.wim File

Follow the steps below to add your drivers to the boot.wim file:

1. Download the WinPE drivers for your computer model (inf files) and place them in a folder.

2. Open the DIS and navigate to the Drivers section. Select Add Driver.

3. Click on Browse and Navigate to your drivers' location, then click on Select Folder.

4. Once the drivers show in the DIS interface, select the ones you want to add and click Next.

5. A confirmation window displaying the drivers you have selected will now appear. You may change your selection by clicking Back or click the Next button to continue.

6. Navigate to the WinPE Drivers section and select the drivers you want to inject into the boot.wim file. Then click on Update Boot Image.

Your boot.wim file will now be updated to include the drivers that you selected.

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