Deployment Packages

When deploying images to client systems, users will select a Deployment Package to push to the client systems.

A Deployment Package consists of the following components:

  • An Image File used as the basis for the imaging process

  • A set of Installation Settings that tell the imaging software how to customize the image file.

  • Optional: A Driver Group that injects additional drivers into the imaging process.

To create a Deployment Package, first, ensure that your Imaging Server is installed and has at least one Image loaded on it for deployment and that you have created a set of Install Settings for deployment.

See Getting Images Ready for Deployment if you do not already have an Imaging Server setup with at least one Image.

1. Select the Control Grid tab on the top menu bar.

2. Navigate to the OS Deployment tab.

3. Select your Deployment Server from the drop-down on the OS Deployment page.

5. Select an existing Deployment Package from the Available Deployment Packages list or click ADD NEW + to create a new one.

See Deployment Packages Settings for descriptions of each of the available settings.

7. Click SAVE.

The Deployment Package is now configured and will appear on the OS Deployment tab in the Deployment Packages Grid, which is located in the Imaging Servers Grid, as shown in the screenshot below.

Deployment Package Settings

Package Name

The package name allows you to define a unique name for the deployment that you will be applying to client systems.

Choose Imaging Server

In the drop-down, select the Imaging Server from where you will be sending the Deployment Package.

Deployment Packages are specific to the Imaging Server on which they are configured.

Choose Image

In the drop-down, select the Image that you are going to include in the Deployment Package. This list will contain all the Images currently available on the selected Imaging Server.

Choose Install Settings

In the drop-down, select the set of Installation Settings that you created earlier. Installation settings are not specific to an Imaging Server and can be used in multiple Deployment Packages.

Enter Product Key

In this field, you can enter the Product Key for your version of Windows.

Please note that this field is intended to be used with Volume Licensed versions of Windows, and providing an OEM or Retail License key is not supported.

Choose Driver Group

This field will allow you to select a previously configured Driver Group that will be added into the Windows boot environment to support Imaging operations on systems that contain hardware that require the use of 3rd party drivers to function correctly.

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