Schedule a Custom Script to Run on Every Reboot

Custom Scripts can be scheduled to run upon specified conditions, for example a script can be scheduled to run after every reboot.
1. Select the Control Grid tab on the top menu bar.
2. Navigate to the Applications tab.
3. Select a Script to Run.
4. Click the RUN button.
5. Click the OPTIONS button.
6. Enter a Schedule Name.
7. Click the Conditions option.
No Schedule is needed here as the script is being run based on the reboot condition.
8. Select + Add Condition.
9. Select the On every reboot option from the drop-down list.
10. Enter the number of seconds to Execute the script after a reboot.
30 seconds is the minimum amount of time that can be configured here.
11. Optional: Configure the advanced option - Check the box to allow the user to defer the script.
12. Click the SCHEDULE button.
The script has been successfully scheduled to run 30 seconds after every reboot.