Quick Guide to Self-Hosting Custom Scripts

Hosting a Custom Script Using GitHub

Best practice is to self-host your Custom Scripts. To do this, you can use a free repository server such as GitHub, or you could host it on one of your company servers. The following is a guide to hosting a script using GitHub.

1.Create a free account on GitHub https://github.com/join (or sign in if you already have a GitHub account).

2. Create a repository (or use an existing one). Click the green NEW button on the top left of the screen.

3. Create a new script file by clicking creating a new file.

4. Name your script (ensure you have the correct file extension .ps1 for PowerShell, .vb for VBScript, or .bat for Batch scripts), enter your script's contents, then commit new file.

5. Access the raw version of your script by clicking the RAW button.

6. Copy the URL for the raw script that appears and save it in a text file for later; you will need this when configuring your custom script in Faronics Deploy.

Your Custom Script is now hosted on GitHub; use the raw URL that you copied in step 6 to configure a Custom Script in Faronics Deploy.

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