Install Built-In Application(s)

Faronics Deploy enables you to install 85+ built-In applications from our library; additionally, if an application is an external application (not in our library), it can be installed as a Custom App.

Before you Start

Make sure you have the following configured before you start:

  • Faronics Deploy Agent Installed on the Computers you wish to install the applications on.

Install Built-In Application(s) on Individual Computers

To install an application on a computer using Deploy:

1. Select the Control Grid tab on the top menu bar.

2. Navigate to the Applications tab.

3. To Search by application name, use the search bar located next to the Grid Options drop-down menu to enter an application name.

Another way to locate applications to install is to scroll through the grid to locate the application(s). Applications are grouped by type; if there is more than one application for a type, clicking it will expand the group of applications available.

4. Select the boxes in the grid in the column for the application that you wish to install (XnView in this example). Each box in the grid that is selected will turn light blue.

5. Click the green Install button, the application(s) will proceed to download and install on the selected computer(s).

You have now successfully installed a built-in application.

To Install an application on all computers in Deploy, see Installing an Application on All Computers in Deploy.

Alternatively, to install an application on a group of computers see Install an Application on a Group of Computers.

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