Schedule an Install of an Application

Before you Start

Make sure you have the following configured before you start:
  • Faronics Deploy Agent Installed on the Computers you wish to install the applications on.
  • App Preset(s) configured (See Create App Preset).

Schedule an Install of an Application on a Computer

When installing an application selecting the action to Install will display a confirmation popup. This is where the scheduling is configured.
Install iTunes on DESKTOP1
1. Select the Control Grid tab on the top menu bar.
2. Navigate to the Applications tab.
3. Search for an application to install using the Search field next to Grid Options.
4. Click the grid for the application to be installed in the row for the computer name to be installed on.
5. Click the green INSTALL button.
6. A confirmation popup will be displayed; click on the OPTIONS button.
7. Click the blue icon next to Schedule to expand the scheduling settings, configure the time
and date
for the install, and set a number of days
to allow the task to start if the computer comes online after the scheduled date.
8. Set the Conditions for the install if required.
9. Set the advanced options for the install if required (Allow User to defer this task
has been selected in this example).
10. To save this configuration as a preset for future use, click the PRESETS button, enter a name for the preset in the Save Settings field
, then click the + button
next to the new preset name.
11. Click the SCHEDULE button on the bottom right.
The application install has now been scheduled.