Create and Install a Custom App

How to create a custom app to install an external application via Faronics Deploy.

Before you Start

Make sure you have the following configured before you start:

  • Faronics Deploy Agent Installed on the computers you wish to install the applications on.

Create a Custom App and Install For The First Time

1. Select the Control Grid tab on the top menu bar.

2. Navigate to the Applications tab.

3. Click on the Custom Apps drop-down menu.

4. Select Create Custom App.

5. Enter a package name under Custom App Details.

6. Enter a URL or Network Path to where the installer/uninstaller is located.

If entering a network path, enter user credentials that have the necessary rights to access the shared file. See Hosting - URL or Network Path for further information on hosting.

a. If you enter a zip file in the URL path, this will be automatically extracted. Once extracted the executable will be run.

b. The Extract compressed file and run executable option is checked, this cannot be unchecked if a zip file is in the path above.

c. Required: If you entered a zip file in the URL path above, you will need to enter the name of the executable file which will be run upon extraction.

7. Enter Install or Uninstall in the Command line parameters.

If using a .msi file, you don't need to enter the /n or /qn switches for a silent install.

If using a .exe file, you will need to enter the supported switches for a silent/unattended installation, /S in this example.

8. Click Next.

9. Select the Computer Name from the list to install the Custom App for the first time (ensure that the computer doesn't already have the application installed).

This installs the custom app on one machine to verify that the package details are correct.

10. Click Next.

11. Click the Install button.

12. Confirm the install by clicking Install when prompted.

Once the installation is confirmed, the status changes from waiting to downloading. If you see any failures during the download phase, confirm the path of the installer. If using a network share, ensure that the user credentials entered have the necessary rights to access the share.

13. Confirm that the correct Custom App was installed.

14. The install is complete, click OK and return to the Application View. The new application will appear in the list for the computer which you installed it on in the Custom Apps column. Click the Custom Apps column header to expand the list of Custom Apps installed.

15. The Custom App that you just installed will appear here; Defraggler in this example, the version number will appear of the installed Custom App alongside the computer(s) on which it is installed.

The Custom App install is complete. The Custom App will now appear in the Applications Grid under the Custom Apps column header.

It will now also be available as an App Preset; refer to Install a Pre-Defined Group of Applications (App Presets).

To install an application on a group of computers, refer to Install an Application on a Group of Computers.

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