Create a macOS Policy

Before you Start

Make sure you have the following configured before you start:
  • Faronics Deploy Agent Installed on the Computers you wish to install the applications.

How to Create a macOS Policy

This example will create a Version Freeze Policy for MacOS named Seattle Office.
The default version freeze settings are used; if you make any changes to the application update modes, the policy will become a custom policy. See Policy Update Mode and Policies (macOS) for further information on policies.
Create a MacOS Policy
1. Select the Control Grid tab on the top menu bar.
2. Navigate to the Policies tab.
3. Click the CREATE NEW POLICY drop-down menu.
4. Select MAC POLICY from the menu.
Add a Policy - Mac
5. Provide a name for the policy, Seattle Office, in this example.
6. Click SAVE.
A Version Freeze Policy has been successfully created for the macOS.