How to Configure your Organization Settings

Follow the steps below to Configure your Organization Settings:

  1. Select Organization Settings from the drop-down menu.

Overview Configuration:

  1. The Company Name and Timezone can be edited here. Make any required changes and click SAVE.

License Details Configuration:

  1. Faronics Deploy, Anti-Virus, Remote Pro, and Ticketing Pro Licenses are located here. To View the License Details, click View Details to expand the view and display the License information (Remote Pro in the example below).

  1. To Extend a License, click Extend next to the License you wish to extend (Remote Pro in the example below).

  1. Fill out the Extend Subscription form and click SUBMIT.

  2. To Add a License, click Add License next to the one you wish to add a License to. The number of Licenses for each product is displayed on the left under the Current Plan.

  1. Fill out the Add Subscription form and click SUBMIT.

Organization-Wide-Settings Configuration:

  1. Enable or Disable 2-Factor Authentication switch.

  2. Enable or Disable the Hide Anti-Virus protection switch.

  3. Enable or Disable the Ticketing switch. Click on the click here to edit the form link to make changes to the ticketing form.

  4. Dismiss the preview window by clicking the X in the top right corner.

  5. Click SAVE on the Ticket Popup Options Window.

  6. Click the MAP TICKETING EMAILS button. See the Ticketing Guide for detailed configuration information.

Map Ticketing Emails Pro is an add-on feature, please contact Faronics customer service to add license(s) to your plan via the License Details Configuration.

  1. Toggle the switch to enable/disable the support for Microsoft Windows Package Manager (winget).

Organization Settings have now been configured.

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