Using the Action Toolbar

Selecting a computer or group of computers in Faronics Deploy brings up an Action Toolbar. See Action Toolbar for a list of Actions that are available in the different views.
The tasks in the Action Toolbar change based on the section of Deploy you are in. For instance, when a computer is selected from within the Applications grid, the Action Toolbar displays actions that are specific to application updates and installs, and when a computer is selected from within the Windows Update grid, the actions displayed are specific to Windows Updates.
Action Toolbar within the Applications Section

Selecting Multiple Computers

Select a single computer directly or multiple computers via the column header
1. To select a computer in the grid and bring up the ACTION TOOLBAR, click on the computer name
2. To select multiple computers to bring up the ACTION TOOLBAR, select the column header
Computer Name.
3. Select By Group.
Select By Group
4. Click the Select Group Name drop-down menu.
5. Select the Group(s) where the action needs to be initiated.
Select the Group(s)
7. Once the computers are selected, click on the action that needs to be initiated on the computers (In this case, it's a RESTART).
Restart a Group of Computers

Scheduling Actions

All these actions can be initiated immediately or scheduled. To schedule an action:
1. Select the OPTIONS button when the confirmation pop-up is displayed.
Select Options to Schedule Actions
2. Selecting OPTIONS in the confirmation pop-up will bring up a window where a schedule can be set with conditions. Once configured, click SCHEDULE.