Using the Control/Smart Grids

How Grids Work

The Deploy console uses a grid approach. Each section consists of multiple grids. For instance, the Applications section in Deploy has four grids; a grid to view applications installed and install/uninstall/update applications on Windows computers, a grid for MacOS, a grid with a library of applications and a grid to display application install/uninstall/update failures.

The grid changes depending on the section you are in. For instance, while in the Applications section, the grid displays information and actions specific to applications. In the Windows Update section, the grid displays information and actions specific to Windows Updates.

The common columns shown in all grids are:

  • Computer Name

  • Group

  • Policy

  • Tags.

Search and Select

The Search and Select feature enables you to search the names of the Windows Computers in the grid by a partial or full Computer Name. For example, if you wanted to select all the Computers that contain "Desktop" in their name, you would enter "Desktop" into the search field. The Select button would appear, which allows you to select all computers matching that criteria.

Please note that if some Computers are online and others are offline, you must select either Online or Offline from the drop-down menu on the select button (this menu will not appear if all computers are in the same state).

Search and Filter

Since the grid has columns to view computers and information about them, filters can be applied, or columns can be searched based on specific criteria.

The 'Search and Filter' option is turned off by default but can be enabled across all grids in the Faronics Deploy console.

The “View Search and Filter” option may be used to filter out computers based on specific criteria and then move them to a group.

Applications Grid

The Applications section contains four grids:

1. All - Windows / Pending Updates - Windows

This grid lists all Windows computers and displays a library of applications using columns.

The first four columns display information about the computer name, group, policy, and tags. The remaining columns display the application names.

If any of these applications are installed on your computers, it will display the applications' version number.

The grid can be used to perform installs, uninstalls, or updates to individual computers, groups of computers, or all Windows computers reporting in the Deploy console. Individual grids can be selected to initiate the Install / Uninstall / Update actions displayed on the top of this grid.

2. All - Mac

This grid displays all macOS computers and an application library for macOS.

The grid can be used to perform installs, uninstalls, or updates.

3. Apps with Recent Updates - Windows

This grid displays a list of all the native Windows applications in the Faronics Deploy application library.

It can be used to check the latest version numbers of all these applications and perform an organization-wide task to Install/Uninstall/Update a specific application.

Selecting an application from this list will bring up options to Install/Uninstall/Update the application on all Windows computers. It will also display the number of computers with the application installed and the number of computers where the application is outdated.

4. Failed Updates - Windows

This grid displays any failures for Windows Install/Uninstall/Update tasks. Selecting a failure will allow you to:

  • Retry Failed tasks for specific applications

  • Retry All Failed tasks

  • Clear Failures for specific applications

  • Clear All Failures.

A reason for failure is also displayed by hovering your mouse over the failure.

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