Change Status of a Ticket (Open, In Progress, Closed)

When a Ticket is being worked, the status will need to change throughout the life-cycle of the Ticket. The ticket statuses available are Open, In Progress, and Closed.
Ticket Statuses
  • Open - It is possible to re-open a Ticket after it has been closed.
  • In Progress - The Ticket has been assigned, and work has commenced.
  • Closed - The issue has been resolved.
To change the status of a Ticket:
1. Select the Tickets View tab on the top menu bar.
2. Select a Ticket from the list.
3. Click the TICKET ACTIONS button and select the status to change the Ticket to (Open, In Progress, or Closed) from the drop-down menu that appears.
Note: The current state of the Ticket is greyed out, and selection is unavailable.
The Ticket's status will be updated; this will be reflected in the grid view.