Create an App Preset

Create a group of applications (built-in and custom) to install at once on one or more computers.

Before you Start

Make sure you have the following configured before you start:

  • Faronics Deploy Agent Installed on the Computers you wish to install the applications on.

How to Create an App Preset

1. Select the Control Grid tab on the top menu bar.

2. Navigate to the Applications tab.

3. Click on a computer in the Computer Name grid.

4. Click the INSTALL APP PRESETS drop-down list.

If this is not your first App Preset, you will see Manage Presets instead of Create New+. Click Manage Presets and then click ADD NEW+ from the menu on the left.

5. Select Create New+.

6. Enter a name for the preset.

7. Select all the applications required (the applications available includes both built-in and custom apps) for the preset. In this example, the preset is for the Graphics Team, imaging software has been selected.

8.Click SAVE.

You have now successfully created your app preset; it is now ready to be installed (See Install App Preset).

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