About Faronics Deploy

Detailed documentation for Faronics Deploy - the next generation platform to manage your computers

Faronics Deploy is a cloud-based endpoint management tool that simplifies application management, patch management, OS Deployment and so much more.

Faronics Deploy offers the following components:

  • Web-Based Console: A simple yet powerful interface to view and manage all your workstations.

  • Application Management: A seamless and fast way to view installed applications, instantly deploy or uninstall them, and keep them up to date.

  • Windows Patch Management: View missing patches on computers, auto approve/deny/auto-defer WU categories, and schedule or force Windows Updates.

  • OS Deployment: Modular File-based OS deployment. Capture, deploy one golden image on varied hardware. Supports Cloud-based management of WDS setups.

  • Remote Control: Remote-in over the web via RDP or VNC.

  • Inventory: Monitor usage of your IT assets. Real-time Hardware Inventory Reporting.

  • Analytics: Application installation and usage data.

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