Loading ISO Image Files via the Faronics Deploy Imaging Tool

Windows Images (ISO Files) can be uploaded to Faronics Deploy using the Faronics Deploy Imaging Server Tool (see Download and Install the Faronics Deploy Imaging Server Tool if you haven't already completed this step).

Please note that during the inital import of the Windows ISO files a volume licensed copy of Windows is required to complete the setup of the Faronics Deploy Imaging Server.

Locate and Upload Windows ISO Files

1. Click Browse to locate the Windows ISO file on your computer.

2. Click Next.

3. Check the box(es) to select all or specific Images from the list provided.

4. Click Next.

5. Click Next to confirm your selections.

6. A list of all your images will now appear in the Images tab of the Imaging Server Tool.

7. The Images will now appear in Faronics Deploy when you add an Imaging Server. See Setting Up Imaging for further information.

The Imaging Tool has now uploaded your ISO Image Files to Faronics Deploy.

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