Generate a Portable USB Creator (Used to Create a Recovery USB Drive)

The USB Media Creator allows administrators to create a Portable USB Creator based on the Deployment Packages you have created in the OS Deployment section.

Once created, a Portable USB Creator can be used to create a Recovery USB flash drive. This gives you the ability to recover a computer using a bootable USB flash drive containing your captured image or an image that has been added using an ISO and has the OS Install Settings you defined tied to it. You can do the following:

  • Provide your employees with a Recovery USB flash drive created from the Portable USB Creator. This is especially useful in the field when a computer needs to go into recovery, you cannot use cloud imaging in this scenario.

  • Host the Portable USB Creator on a cloud server, e.g., dropbox, for employees to download and create a Recovery USB flash drive.

To Generate a Portable USB Creator, follow the steps below:

1. Open the Deploy Imaging Server (DIS) interface and click on USB Media Creator.

2.Once the USB Media Creator opens up, select the Deployment Package you would like to use.

3. Select a Policy.

4. Select USB Creator Package path and click Browse. Locate the folder where you want to save the "Creator Package".

All data will be wiped from the selected folder.

5. Partitions will be created based on the Install Settings chosen in the Deployment Package.

Optional: This can be edited here, and up to three partitions can be added.

  • Select Edit in the Partitions section.

  • In the Configure Partitions Window, select the number of Partitions you would like to have and enter the partition size for each partition.

  • Click UPDATE.

6. Click START.

7. Upload your Portable USB Creator to a cloud server for employees to access and create a recovery USB flash drive.

8. Create a Recovery USB Flash Drive from a Portable USB Creator to provide to your Remote IT Teams and employees.

The Portable USB Creator will now be created containing your Deployment Package and Policy.

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