Apply a Tag

A Tag can be applied to a computer or multiple computers either via the Tag Manager or via the Action Toolbar.

Using the Tag Manager

1. Click on the Profiles Menu.

2. Select the Manage Tags option from the drop-down menu.

3. Click the Applied box next to the Computer(s) to which you wish to apply the tag.

4. Click the SAVE button.

5. The Tag has now been applied to the computer(s). If the Tag was previously Inactive, it will now become Active and move to the Active table.

Using the Action Toolbar

Tags can be created as you go using the Action Toolbar; they don't have to be created via the Manage Tags page.

1. Select the Control Grid.

2. Click on the name of a Computer.

3. The Action Toolbar will now appear; type in a Tag name in the Tag Computer box.

4. If the Tag doesn't exist yet, it will say New Tag followed by the name you just typed, as shown in the screenshot above.

5. The new tag will now appear in the Tags column for the selected computer(s).

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