The Inventory View enables you to organize your computers using Inventory Data. You can quickly view all installed applications, retrieve MSInfo reports, and search and filter by Active Directory or OU (Organizational Unit) Membership (for more information on Active Directory, see Add a User/Group via Active Directory). Reports/Views can be exported to CSV files and downloaded.

Organize Inventory by Active Directory Group Membership / Organization User Membership

The AD Group Membership and OU Membership fields in the Inventory View enable you to organize your computers by these fields and to see at a glance which Membership(s) a computer has.

Inventory Reports

A complete application inventory report in real-time makes it easier to:

  • Find applications that are out of date and identify rogue applications that can compromise security.

  • Detect unwanted applications quickly and find out which user ran an application for how long.

  • Remotely uninstall any unwanted applications.

Customizable Field

There is one field in Inventory named Custom Field that can be customized, the name and the contents of the column can both be edited.

  1. Navigate to Control Grid.

  2. Select the Edit icon next to the Custom Field column.

The Custom Field column may have a different name if it's already been customized, there's only one column that can be edited which is denoted by the edit icon).

  1. Make your changes and click SAVE.

  2. Select the Edit icon next to each row in the column you wish to edit, make any changes and click SAVE.

Step-by-Step Guides

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