Fair Use Policy - Ticketing

As part of our commitment to providing a high-quality, fast and reliable service, Faronics has a Fair Use Policy for the Faronics Deploy Email Ticketing System.

  • The Faronics Ticketing Email Account is mainly intended for users to send tickets to the Faronics Deploy Ticketing system and send ticketing notifications.

  • The Faronics Ticketing Email cannot be used for sending out bulk emails such as Bulk Mail, Promotional emails, Marketing emails, and Newsletters.

  • Usage of the Faronics Deploy Email Ticketing system is monitored and limited. This is currently defined as per the limits detailed below, although Faronics reserves the right to amend these limits.

Send / Receive Limit

The limit per Site for each Faronics Ticketing Email Address is set to 10,000 emails per month, which resets at 00:00 hours Pacific Standard Time on the first of every month.

If the accounts used have exceeded the allowed email limit, the account will get blocked, preventing the Faronics Ticketing Email account from sending/ receiving further emails.

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