Retrieve MSInfo Reports Using the Deploy Console

A Microsoft System Information Report can be remotely retrieved from a computer within the Inventory section.

Generate a Microsoft System Info Report

To pull the MSInfo report from the console, follow the instructions below:

1. Select the Control Grid tab on the top menu bar.

2. Navigate to the Inventory tab.

3. Select the Computer Name for which you want to generate the report.

4. The ACTION TOOLBAR will now appear; select the GET MICROSOFT SYSTEM INFORMATION button.

5. Click OK when prompted to confirm that you want to generate the report.

6. Click on the click here link to download the zip file.

A zip file containing the .nfo report for the target machine will be downloaded to the Downloads folder on the console computer.

7. Extract the zip file and open the .nfo file to see the report; it will look similar to the image below.

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