Uninstall an Application From a Group of Computers

Uninstall an Application From Multiple Computers

1. Select the Control Grid tab on the top menu bar.

2. Navigate to the Applications tab.

3. Enable View Search and Filter in the Grid Options drop-down list (Blue is enabled, gray is disabled).

4. Next, filter the computers by Group Name, enter a name to filter the results by in search field under the Group Name header.

When filtering out Group Names, use one of the following options to limit the results Contains, Does not contain, Starts with, Ends with, Equals, Does not equal. There is also a Reset option to clear the filter criteria.

5. Enter the name of the application to uninstall in the Search field next to the Grid Options, VLC in this example.

6. The VLC application field will now appear in the grid; click on the header name iTunes. The ACTION TOOLBAR will now be displayed.

7. Click on the orange UNINSTALL ALL button.

8. Click the blue UNINSTALL button to confirm the installation.

The application will now be uninstalled from all computers in the group.

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