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Version 11.24.x.298 (Windows) / 11.24.x.298 (Mac) (September 18, 2023)
  • Student receives notification when the Teacher accesses Student computers.
  • Support uploading Teacher logs on to Connector computer (both Windows and Mac) or through UNC path (Windows only).
  • Option to install Teacher via the MSI installer.
46057 Resolved an issue with being unable to install Insight Teacher on Hyper-V gen 2 systems.
46043 Resolved an issue where the license was not being accepted when entering license key on the first prompt after installing Insight Teacher. (CN# 505127)
46012 Resolved an issue where virtual machines running on VMWare did not display the installer properly when 3D Acceleration is not enabled in the settings for the virtual machine. (CN# 405175).

Known Issues

Windows and Mac
45338 USB Hard drives are not getting disabled on Student computers even when 'Disable Drives' (under Class Settings) is selected.
45309 In certain conditions, the 'Migrate' option remains available even after the Students have been updated to the latest version.
45276 Student computers are displaying the message 'THERE IS NO CLASS ACTIVE AT THIS TIME' after the Teacher switches between Class ID to Classroom.
45271 When trying to load Classroom on the Teacher console, Student computers are taking a long time to load on the Teacher console.
45208 Sometimes Student computers are not reported to the Teacher console after starting the class or not dismissed after class is ended.
46073 On Windows 8.1 (64-bit): Notification when the Teacher accesses Student computer is not displayed on the Student computer.
46072 When performing remote action on multiple Student computers, notification regarding accessing Student computers is displayed only on the first Student.
44135 For Students on Windows 8.1 systems: Banned words are not showing on the Teacher console.
44122 For Students on Windows 8.1 systems: Keystroke monitoring functionality is not working.
43885 When performing Remote session on offline and online Student computers, the window for offline Students does not get minimized after clicking the OK/Cancel button.
43822 In certain cases, the Student computer is out of the class but is displayed online in the Teacher console.
40732 In particular condition, keyboard and mouse get unlocked on Student computer even if keyboard/mouse is locked, or lock screen limit is active.
40679 On Windows 8.1: Sometimes, Insight Student icon does not get displayed in the System Tray on Student computers after installing and restarting the computers.
40670 Incorrect error message is displayed when Teacher console goes offline while in the process of getting file from Student computers.
40626 On Windows 11: Sometimes mute/unmute status does not get updated on Student console.
40571 Incorrect error message is displayed on the Teacher console when transferring files to Student computers and there is not enough free space on the folder location.
40569 Incorrect error message is displayed on the Teacher console when transferring files to folders that do not have write permission on Student computers.
40512 In a particular condition, when sending tests to logged off or offline Student computers, test status is displayed as 'Test in Progress' on Teacher console, but is not started on the Student computer.
40137 In particular condition, black screen gets displayed on Student computers running Windows 8.1.
39968 Incorrect keystrokes getting displayed.
39854 Student thumbnails do not display the correct icon/status after the Teacher applies limits to the Student computers.
39775 'Disable Drives' action fails on computers that have open documents on the removable drives when it is being disabled; computers are not rebooted and drives are not disabled.
39719 When selecting to Share Student screen, the Teacher screen gets displayed to all Students instead.
39662 In certain scenarios, Teacher is unable to perform actions from the Teacher console when trying to remote to Student computers.
39645 'Mute Speaker' restriction does not get removed from Student computers even after they lose connection with the Teacher console.
39635 On Windows 8.1: When performing Lock Screen limit on Student computers and the computer has restarted, the Lock screen does not get displayed.
39632 When Students Raise Hand/Lower Hand while the Teacher console is offline, the status does not get updated on the Teacher console when the Teacher goes online.
39627 Keyboard and mouse lock issues when Student computers lose connection with the Teacher computer.
39597 Lock screen issues when Student computers lose connection with the Teacher computer.
39593 Lock screen limit gets disabled on Student computers after a hard reboot.
46061 On Mac Connector computer: Teacher Activity log file is not getting created in user's protected folders (such as Desktop, Documents).
46033 When changing settings using command line, the changes do not take effect until the Student/Teacher logs off then logs on, or restarts Insight Agent or the Console.
43857 When disabling Student keyboard and mouse during Remote, the Teacher keyboard and mouse are disabled as well.
43776 Mac installers wording 'Install', 'Installer', 'Installation' appear in places even for the uninstallation process.
43338 Insight Teacher not able to remote connect to Student computer caused by insufficient Accessibility and Screen Recording permissions for (Case No. YXT-428-14412)
43322 Complete OS name should be displayed under OS column on 'Applications Running on Student Computer' dialog.
43264 On a Chromebook device, the screen flickers after Students try to answer a 'Fill in the blanks' question.
43224 Grayed out Student cards are still displayed on the Teacher console after uninstalling all Student computers from the Teacher console.
43160 If Class is set to Autolaunch, but Teacher console is not launched, Student notifications (Chat, Raised Hand, Question) sent during this time do not appear on the Teacher console after the console is launched.
43147 Student cards are displayed overlapping each other when creating and loading new class from existing class (with layout saved).
41999 Live Test Results are displayed twice on Student computers.
41919 Upgrade Insight Student action is not working while non-admin user is logged on to Student computer.
40738 Web Filtering restriction on Student computers does not work on Chrome browsers when the 'Enable Web History’ option is not selected during Insight Student installation.
40722 When collecting file from Student computers running Windows OS, the file is not saved in the designated folder location on the Teacher computer.
40687 Sometimes, Insight Student does not start after switching users.
40665 Transferring files from the Teacher computer to Student computers with multiple users results in the file not getting saved on the designated folder or other users having Read-Only access to the files.
40655 'Close All Apps/End task' actions are not properly implemented on apps that have open documents.
40653 Banned words do not get displayed on the Teacher console if the banned word was corrected while being typed.
40582 Built-in apps (except Safari and third-party apps) are not launching on Student computers when the Teacher performs 'Launch Application’ action.
40571 Incorrect error message is displayed on the Teacher console when transferring files to Student computers and there is not enough free space on the folder location.
40548 Collected files from Student computers (when connected through Insight Connector) are prefixed with a backslash ('\') character.
40537 Unable to transfer or play files on Student computers if there are no Class Settings selected or defined for the current class session.
40204 Unable to perform Restart/Shutdown on Student computers when multiple users are logged in.
40203 Unable to perform Logoff on Student computers when multiple users are logged in.
40202 When multiple users are logged in, Actions or Limit functions performed by the Teacher are not getting applied to the current user.
Version 11.23.x.289 (Windows) / 11.23.x.289 (Mac) (May 17, 2023)
Security enhancements for each Insight component (Teacher, Student, and Connector).
44725 Resolved an issue where after locking the keyboard and mouse, and then locking the screen, neither options could not be unlocked. (CN# 28222)
Version 11.22.x.268 (Windows) / 11.22.x.268 (Mac) (March 10, 2023)
Security improvements for Insight Connector
Version 11.21.x.262 (Windows) / 11.21.x.262 (Mac) (November 14, 2022)
44133 Resolved an issue where, after upgrading to the latest Insight version, the Teacher console was unable to load the existing Classroom lists. (Case No. QTO-657-85404)
44019 Resolved an issue where, when keystroke monitoring function is enabled, Student computers were not able to type characters with special accents (for example è). (Case No. GVI-305-78577, XTS-291-42680)
43915 Resolved an issue where, during remote control session, the Teacher could not type characters with special accents on Student computers (for example, typing the character è on Notepad). (Case No. DDO-725-61069)
November 1, 2022
  • Insight 11.20 supports macOS Ventura 13, which has been extensively tested without any known issues detected.
Version 11.20.x.255 (Windows) / 11.20.x.255 (Mac) (October 1, 2022)
  • New command line option for performing a silent upgrade of Insight.
  • Option to specify thumbnails sizes on the Teacher console when displaying Student cards.
  • Classes now end automatically when the Teacher closes the console.
  • Classrooms now displayed in a drop-down list for easier selection between sessions.
  • Support for configuring Student names on the Teacher console.
  • Ability to remote control multiple Student computers at the same time.
  • Supports MSI installation over Active Directory or third-party software for easier large scale deployment.
  • New status window for displaying results of a remote login attempt.
  • Logon details are retained for Student computers so that they don’t have to re-enter them all the time
  • Ability to see the last 10 messages on the Teacher console when trying to lock the Student screen.
  • Option to automatically lock the Student keyboard and mouse when performing Share Screen, and automatically unlocking after the Share Screen is over.
  • Ability to keep Teacher screen on top of other screens when performing Share Screen in Windowed mode.
  • For Mac Student: Supports Firefox browser.
  • Ability to install Connector on Mac computers.
43609 Resolved an issue where Wake-on-LAN was not working with Insight.
43608 Resolved an issue where last layout set on Teacher console was lost when Insight Teacher was restarted.
43589 Resolved an issue where Faronics Insight 11 did not work properly on Hyper-V Gen2 Virtual Machines. (Case No. XXV-263-90783)
43531 Resolved an issue where Students are able to change Class IDs when trying to join a class even if the option 'Allow Student to Change Class ID' was disabled. (Case No. HCA-138-13265)
43521 Resolved an issue where no Network cards were listed in Insight teacher and Students were unable to connect. (Case No. RHT-494-63829)
43178 Resolved an issue where the Student screen displayed the chat window, and did not return to the desktop after ending the Share Screen session even when the option 'Minimize Student screen after session ends' was enabled. (Case No. AOS-932-25593)
42946 Resolved an issue where, when selecting a single Student, the Teacher had to add the Student to the selection and deselect other Students. (Case No. ROK-626-39490)

Version 11.12.x.233 (Windows) / 11.12.x.233 (Mac) (July 19, 2022)


  • Option to require Students to provide Student information when classes start.
  • Online classroom layouts can now be set up, saved, and exported; set up online classroom layouts as you would a physical classroom to optimize teaching environment; save the layout so that future class sessions will start with the saved layout in place; export the classroom with layout to enable easier access when having to use a different computer, or having a substitute teacher take over the class.
  • Command line support for activating license key during the installation process allows complete hands-off deployment of the Insight Teacher (for Windows only).
  • Option to import and export tests provides more convenience for Teachers to share tests and for moving devices around.
  • Option to remove files from Student computers once transfer to Teacher's computer has been completed.
  • New feature to sort Students through Logon IDs.
  • Ability to select ‘Logged In' and 'Logged Off' Student computers.
  • Teachers with multiple monitors can choose a specific monitor to share with the Students as part of the lesson, and keep the other screen private for supplemental information.
  • Option to expand/collapse all questions when creating or editing tests with multiple questions.
  • New 'Test History' feature lists all the tests taken by the Students and the option to export the test.
  • Option to minimize Student screen after the Teacher 'Share Screen' session has ended.
  • 'Autolaunch Class' option, when enabled, automatically launches the Class ID on the Teacher console the next time the Teacher logs in after the computer restarts.


43071 Resolved an issue with 'Application and Keystroke History' not correctly capturing accented characters (for ex. ç, à, è). (Case No. YTX-759-74578)
43019 Resolved an issue where web activity using Firefox was not being captured and reflected in 'Web History'. (Case No. TDW-129-38429)
42791 Resolved an issue where Insight 11 could not be installed on some devices. (Case No. BKO-671-14558, TDW-129-38429)
42555 Resolved an issue where Students are able to change the focus of the active window while the keyboard and mouse are locked during a 'Share Screen' session with the Teacher. (Case No. FZU-191-97111)
42226 Resolved an issue with being able to install Insight without a password using the command line, resulting in a Student device that could not be managed through the 'Administrator Settings'. (Case No. JRO-375-12293)
42195 Resolved an issue with being unable to install Insight 11 after uninstalling older versions (Case No. TLN-211-46517, ITN-623-97923, ROK-626-39490)
42133 Resolved an issue with being unable to re-launch Insight Teacher if the application is closed from the system tray. (Case No. ZBZ-938-98315)
42073 Resolved an issue with some command line install options not working properly. (Case No. JRO-375-12293, DLI-307-12194).

Version 11.11.x.205 (Windows) / 11.11.x.0064 (Mac) (February 4, 2022)


  • Supports the option to install Microsoft Edge browser extension.
  • Tooltips are now available, with the tooltip texts read aloud with help of Screen Reader technology to support Teacher and Student interaction during the remote process for the visually-impaired.


Links to the Japanese and Chinese languages have been fixed and now points to the correct language when selected.
42073 Resolved an issue where some command line installations options did not work. (Case No. JRO-375-12293)

Version 11.11.x.199 (Windows) / 11.11.x.0060 (Mac) (December 29, 2021)


40802 Resolved an issue with the final steps for the student installation not displaying for non-English system.
40795 Resolved an issue with Web Limit and Web History actions not working properly for Safari on computers running macOS High Sierra (10.13.6).
40741 Resolved an issue where the browser extension profile was not getting installed on Student computers running macOS Catalina and below OS during installation.
40593 Resolved an issue where Student computer status did not get refreshed/updated in real-time on the Teacher console after students have logged out and then logged in on the Student computer.
40315 Resolved an issue where the Teacher console login window did not show properly when restarting Insight using the 'Restart' option through the Teacher menu icon.