Top Menu Bar
From the top menu bar on the Student Console, Students can see their Class ID and set up the Admin Settings.
Admin Settings
to open the Admin Settings where Students can configure the following:
  • Student Name – Assign a Student name.
  • Change Class ID – Enter the Class ID for the Student to be subscribed to. This feature is available only when the option is selected during installation.
  • Administrator Settings – Select this option and verify the Administrator Password to make changes to the following Administrator Settings:
    • Security – Option to enable or disable Enhanced Security. When enabled, enter a security token.
    • Connector – Option to use Insight Connector. When selected, enter a Connector address.
    • Options – Option to enable or disable the following:
      • Class ID – Enter the Class ID
      • Do not show System Tray Icon
      • Allow student to change Class ID
      • Do not monitor keystrokes
      • Require student permission for Screenshots, Screen Sharing and Remote
      • Install Browser Extension – When selected, choose to Enable Web History if desired
    • Wi-Fi Restriction – Option to enable or disable Wi-Fi restriction. When enabled, specify the authorized SSIDs.
    • Admin Password – Option to Change Administrator Password by resetting the password or resetting with a license key.
    • Uninstall Insight
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