Faronics Insight

Top Menu Bar

From the top menu bar on the Teacher Console, Teachers can configure multiple Networks and set up the Admin Settings.


If there are multiple network adapters, specify the adapter to be used by clicking Network > Choose Network Interface Card and selecting the adapter from the drop-down list.

Administrator Settings

to open the Administrator Settings where you can configure the following:
  • Teacher Name – Update the Teacher Name.
  • Change Password – Select this option to Change Teacher Password. You can do so by resetting the password or resetting with a license key.
  • Administrator Settings – Select this option and verify the Administrator Password to make changes to the following Administrator Settings:
    • Security – Option to enable or disable Enhanced Security. When enabled, enter a security token.
    • Connector – Option to use Insight Connector. When selected, enter a Connector address.
    • Admin Password – Option to Change Administrator Password and Change Teacher Password.
      • Change Administrator Password – Select to Reset with Change Password or Reset with License Key.
      • Change Teacher Password – Enter a new password.
  • License Info – Validate the license key.