Faronics Insight

Navigating the Teacher Console

The Insight Teacher console has several controls that are used to engage with, assess, monitor, and restrict the Students that are in your class.
Insight Teacher Console
The Teacher Controls highlighted in red in the screenshot above allows access to the Class Settings, Class ID, and the ability to control the audio on the Student devices.
The Student Controls highlighted in blue provide Teachers with a notification when a Student has raised their hand for assistance in the Insight Student Application and allow Teachers to see who is requesting assistance.
The buttons highlighted in green allow access to actions that Teachers can perform on the Student systems to monitor activity, perform assessments, or engage with the Students.
The view controls highlighted in pink provide Teachers with options to customize the way that the Students are being displayed in the Teacher console.
The Chat button at the bottom left of the page, outlined in gray, allows access to the chat functionality of the Insight Teacher.
In the default view, thumbnails of each Student in the class are shown on the screen below the highlighted controls in the Teacher console.