The Insight Teacher Console

The Insight Teacher console is the application that provides the Teacher with access to the client machines to engage with Students, monitor activity, and restrict access to specific functions on the computer.

On Windows, the Teacher console is accessed by clicking on the Insight Teacher Icon displayed in the system tray notification area of the Teacher Computer. On macOS the Insight Teacher Icon is displayed in the menu bar on the right side of your screen.

Screenshots in the documentation reference systems running Microsoft Windows, however controls for the Teacher console running on macOS will be visually and functionally identical in the majority of cases.

Clicking on the Insight Teacher icon will load the Teacher console, allowing you to enter your Class ID, Classroom Lists, Password, and to select the default settings that your class will be started with.

Enable Autolaunch Class option to automatically launch the Class ID on the Teacher console the next time the Teacher logs in after the computer restarts.

The options to select Classroom Lists and enter Password will only be available when Teachers have created a Classroom and set up a password for the Teacher console.

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