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Detailed View

The Detailed View provides Options to display more information about Student computers such as Active Application, Limiting restrictions, and Battery level.
You can choose which of these information to show in detailed view by clicking Detailed View > Options and enabling or disabling these categories.
This feature is only available in card layout. If the Teacher is displaying the Students in a grid layout, clicking Detailed View will revert the layout into the card layout.
Detailed View Enabled
UI Component
Student computer card
Detailed View of each Student computer card that displays:
  1. 1.
    A list of all currently Active Applications running on the Student computer
  2. 2.
    Information on any applications, websites, devices, and printing functions that have been limited
  3. 3.
    The battery level of the computer
Detailed View tab switch
Toggle this switch to change between the detailed view and the standard view of the Student card, which displays the Student's desktop, Student Name and Computer Name
Options menu
Show/hide the following information on the Student cards by toggling the switches
  1. 1.
    Active Application Switch
  2. 2.
    Limiting Switch
  3. 3.
    Battery Switch

Active Application

Click See All to view all applications running on the Student computer. From the popup window, you can allow and block running applications or end the task on a Student computer.
Select a single or multiple applications and click Configure Applications. This will bring up the Class Settings popup window where you can add the applications to your list of allowed or blocked applications.
Select a single or multiple applications and click End Task to close the running application from the Student computer.