Faronics Insight

Right-click Menu

Teachers can configure the Right-click Menu to create quick access to commonly used actions.
Right-click on a Student card and click Configure This Menu.
From the popup window, drag your preferred actions from the All Options pane to the Right-click Menu pane. Click Save Menu when you are done. These actions will appear when you right-click on a Student computer.
Teachers can choose to leave the right-click menu options empty or stick with the default actions.
Available actions:
  • Remote Control (Default)
  • Share Teacher's Screen (Default)
  • Share a Student Screen (Default)
  • Transfer File to Student(s) (Default)
  • Open file on Student Computer(s)
  • Get File from Student(s)
  • Save Snapshot
  • Send Message
  • Launch Webpage
  • Launch Application
  • Log On
  • Log Off
  • Restart
  • Power On
  • Shutdown
  • Change Student Class ID
  • Show Desktop (Windows)
  • Talk to Student
  • Restart Insight Agent
  • Stop Insight Agent
  • Upgrade Insight
  • Uninstall Insight
  • View Running Applications (Default)
  • View Activity History (Default)
  • View Question History
  • Lock Screen
  • Limit Web
  • Block Applications
  • Limit Printing
  • Disable Drives
  • Mute Student Speakers
  • Lock Keyboard and Mouse
  • Close All Apps