About Faronics Insight

Faronics Insight is a classroom management platform that allows Teachers to engage with Students, monitor the activity on client systems, and assess the Student's understanding of course materials.
Key features of the product include:
  • Communication with Students and demonstrate activities during a class.
  • Allowing the Students to reach out and request assistance via chat or voice communication.
  • Monitoring Student computer activities and restricting them to approved applications and sites.
  • Limiting Student access to drives and printers.
  • Remote access to Student computers.
  • Ability to mute the audio on Student computers.
  • Locking the keyboard and mouse on Student computers.
  • Sharing the Teacher screen with the Students, or sharing a Student screen with the class.
  • Transferring files to/from the Students.
  • Performing assessments of Students using the built-in testing functions.
  • Performing administrative actions such as Logon/Logoff/Restart/Power On/Shutdown.
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